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About Us & Our Mission

Our mission is simple, provide great quality life-style products & crafting happiness to the family.

When our baby girl, Ava was 3 years of age, she had a fascination of creating her own hand-crafted jewelry. She had all sorts of jewelry making sets made out of wood, plastic and even glass that came in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Around that same time, our second child Uriah, was just starting to get his hands into everything, which of course meant eventually it ended up in his mouth.

This little boy puts just about anything in his month and that was kind of when we started looking into safe chewable toys such as the famous“Sophie the giraffe” made out of natural rubber, but there was another category of chewables - “chewable jewelry” or “chewelry” that fascinated us, especially since Uriah was just starting to experience teething.

Jason quickly looked into silicone beads, the same silicone material used for baby bottle nipples and silicone kitchenware and bakeware. We quickly realized that the silicone beads can be safely used for Ava’s necklace creations and for mom to wear as fashionable jewelry without the worry of paint chips from the wood or metal/stone coming off in the event that Uriah were to grab and bite down on them.

This was when Blue Rabbit Co was born.

Our beads are free from harmful chemicals, free from BPA, PVC, Phthalates, Cadmium, or Lead. 

We first shipped from our home office and now, we’re partnering with Amazon to help with storage and fulfill our orders through multiple warehouse locations across the United States. Since there is a large demand for our crafters to custom pick and choose their own sizes and colors, we had Ava hand pick her favorites just for you.

We're looking to expand further by partnering with exceptional suppliers to curate the best products for you and your family in the furniture, life-style and crafting journey.

Jason and Bonnie Chan


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